Meet Lauren :

Lauren is a 23-year-old young lady with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.  She is nonverbal and utilizes sign language and communication apps on her iPad to communicate.  Lauren finished High School in 2022 and her plan is to continue her education through an adult day program.  Lauren also thoroughly enjoys therapeutic horseback riding, music keyboard lessons, occupational therapy, speech therapy, YMCA activities and volunteer work. Lauren was given the great opportunity to learn how to design and make bracelets through the help of Wendy.  Wendy has been a huge part of Lauren’s life over the past 8 years and together they have accomplished many things. Those of you who have had the great pleasure of meeting Wendy understand the bond she and Lauren share.  Bracelet making started out as a hobby and gift giving item Lauren and Wendy began years ago and now, we have the opportunity to turn this hobby and passion into a business!  This is something Lauren can enjoy and work on for years to come. Please consider that each bracelet is unique in design and hand made by Lauren. Your patience is appreciated as completion and delivery of orders is a learning process for us.

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Please take a moment to provide us with your honest feedback.   We really value your honest feedback.  Each bracelet is unique in design, and we utilize various materials from different vendors and feel it is important to know if there are any issues.

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Each bracelet is handcrafted and uniquely designed by Lauren, stamped with the unique star logo. The bracelets are made with tarnish resistant jewelry wire, toggle clasps, and various high-quality beads to ensure durability for day-to-day wear.